Shawn was born in Abbeville, South Carolina in 1969, and relocated to many different places in the south and northeast United states throughout his life. His constant need to rapidly adjust to his life and relocations pushed him to seek comfort in his escape through art and acquire a fascination with the equine. It was not until much later in his life did he seek out formal training under local professionals. Shawn is currently focusing on capturing the beauty, strength and grace of the horse. Shawn is transitioning into what he is terming Act 3 of his life where he will be focusing more on capturing the raw emotion using more expressive brush strokes with less emphasis on realism. Shawn enjoys working with clients to capture the character and love of their special family pets and companions. If you would like to discuss working with Shawn please use the contact form and he will follow up with you to discuss how he can help capture your vision.